The Rearview Mirror: Week Ending March 2nd, 2014

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What’s Happenin’?

Week Ending March 2nd, 2014

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Snow, snow and more snow.  Actually, it’s simply cold.  Typically between single digits and under 32 degrees.  Meanwhile, my husband and stepdaughter are finishing up their Southern California college tour.  Guess what?  My stepdaughter has found six “dream colleges.”  While all were reputable, my guess is that beach proximity, the weather and outdoor pools have more to do with the positive ratings than academics.  Just saying . . .




In the Small World Department, I was browsing through podcasts for San Diego-based Entrepreneur on Fire with John Lee Dumas, and spotted a recent broadcast named “603 Brewery,” which I discovered is headquartered about a mile from my office.  Flavors include “Winni [Lake Winnipesaukee] Ale,” “White Peaks [White Mountains] Ale,’ and “18 Miler [the length of the New Hampshire coastline] Ale.”  Very limited hours for tastings and purchase, but well worth it.

The Market/Earnings[1]

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Lots about technical analysis, the long run of this bull market, and much ado about the market attempting to break through the S&P 1850 mark and not succeeding.  Last year the market was up 30 percent; there’s no way that there will be a repeat of that this year.  Sort of like having lightening strike twice in the same place. (CRM:  NYSE) beat expectations, coming in with revenue of $1.15b YOY from $834.68m, and a profit of $307m or 68 cents per share.

This Week, Tesla (TSLA:  Nasdaq) floated a $2 billion convertible bond offering to expand its production of cars and batteries.

Meanwhile. Bitcoin’s Mt. Gox exchange in Japan has declared bankruptcy, claiming that the exchange was hacked and about $500 million worth of Bitcoin has evaporated.  They claim that these Bitcoins are marked as stolen goods, and cannot be reused without being discovered.  This is the worst case scenario with respect to investment in Bitcoin.  All your money is lost and there is no recourse.


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Oh my goodness.  Two IPO’s this week.  And one was tech.  A rarity, these days, where almost all the IPOs have been biotech-related.

Varonis (VRNS:  Nasdaq) sold 4.8m shares at $22.00 per share, raising $105.6m at a valuation of $524m.  Varonis deals with unstructured, human-generated data.  One application that the WSJ mentioned was searching employees emails to determine trends.  Spooky?!  The stock doubled to close the week at $44 per share.

Lumenis (LMNS:  Nasdaq) sold 6.3m shares at $12 per share, raising $75.6m at a valuation of $309m.  Lumenis is based in Israel and is a provider of innovative energy-based [think laser] minimally invasive clinical solutions, focused on the aging population.  The stock closed the week at $12.20 per share

Mergers & Acquisitions[3]

(13 transactions noted)

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Large company acquires small company:

Apple, Google, Oracle, Monster and IBM all announced strategic acquisitions, as many are playing catch-up in social/cloud/data management markets.

Burstly was acquired by Apple (AAPL:  Nasdaq).  Burstly is behind TestFlight, the popular iOS beta testing platform.

London-based was acquired by Google (GOOG:  Nasdaq). helps detect and crack on-line advertising fraud.

Veveo is being acquired by Rovi Corp for $62m to bolster search and analytics.  Rovi licenses data for TV guides.

BlueKai acquired by Oracle Corp.  BlueKai is an on-line data management startup.  BlueKai has a platform that allows one to personalize marketing programs and the customer experience.

Cloudant, the developer of a distributed database, was acquired by IBM.  IBM is attempting to compete with Amazon AWS, and get in the hybrid cloud game.  IBM had announced a new platform, BlueMix, which will incorporate Cloudant.

Monster is acquiring social recruiting tools  Talentbin and Gozaik.


Contract research firm, Medpace, is being acquired by European private equity firm, Cinven, for $915m


BASH Gaming was acquired by casual game maker, GSN Games, for $160m.  GSN is owned by DIRECTV and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

On-line Retail

Vancouver-based was acquired by Paris-based Essilor for $430m. sells glasses and contact lenses.  Essilor also owns the consumer-oriented FramesDirect and EyeBuyDirect as well as the eye care professional site:  MyOnelineOptical.


Domain names and web hosting service, Netregistry, was acquired by Melbourne IT for $45m.

Scheduling and appointment manager company, BookFresh, is being acquired by Square.


In order to compete against Lego, Mega Brands was acquired by Mattel for $460m.  You’ve got to love Forbes cheeky headline:  “Jealous Barbie Comes After Lego with Mega Bloks Purchase.

Private Placements[3]

(15 transactions noted that were also over $10m)

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Software Applications

Tradeshift, which automates financial workflow, e-invoicing, enhanced collaboration, raised a $75m Series C round.

Sales engagement platform, ClearSlide, raised a $60m Series C round.

Software-as-a-Service and Big Data company, eCommerce ,raised a $41m Series C round.

Distributed database company, NuoDB based in Cambridge Massachusetts, raised a $14m Series B round.  Dassault Systems was among the investors.


Enterprise video development platform, ZEFR raised a $30m Series D round.

Ventura, California digital ad-firm, The Trade Desk, raised a $20m Series B round.

Kahuna, a mobile marketing company, raised an $11m Series A round. May I suggest that Kahuna find a new url? is less than intuitive.


Founded by an ex-Googler, Shape Security raised a $40m Series C round.  “Shape Security fights malware with malware logic.”


Spare Foot, which makes finding storage units easier with online resources, raised a $10m Series C round.


Mobile communications for healthcare professionals startup, Voalte, raised a $36m Series C round.

Quanttus raised a $19m Series A round.  Quanttus claimed to be “a venture-backed firm base in Cambridge, Massachusetts creating new products and services that will bridge the gap between consumer health and medical care.”  My interpretation:  Still in stealth mode.

Social Enterprise

For-profit social enterprise startup, D.light Design raised an $11m Series C round.


Chinese personal finance app, Wacai raised a $16m Series A round.


Snapdeal, India’s largest on-line marketplace, raised a $134m Series F round.


Brazilian real estate startup, Viva Real, raised a $13m round.

Have a great week, and pray that Russia doesn’t further invade the Ukraine.  We don’t want a repeat of Czecho-Slavakia.  Though Putin might think so.

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