Rearview Mirror: the Market and IPOs for the Week Ending April 27th

trees downThe gods are toying with us. Warm and sun shiny one day, and damp, grey and rainy the next. I’ve been out in the yard, on the pug runs, taking the opportunity to yank out any incipient poison ivy, New Hampshire’s state plant. It’s easier to get more poison ivy’s roots, which is crucial, when the ground is still moist. The winds have been strong and angry, throwing around any lawn furniture that weighs less than 15 pounds.

Meanwhile, US Masters Swimming Nationals starts in Santa Clara on Thursday, May 1, coincident with my knee surgery. Next year, Nationals is in San Antonio. Remember the Alamo! And of course there’s Worlds in Montreal this July, and Long Course in Baltimore in August, if I’m able to get in swim shape.


meetupWhich brings me to, probably the most powerful social phenomenon out there. If you have an interest, or want to learn something: Surf Meetups in your area. This weekend, I attended a Python coding seminar at Akamai’s headquarters with 70 other interested individuals. My dog training classmate takes her hound on Meetup walks in New Hampshire parks. And, my yoga instructor hosts regular Meetups on meditation and Ayurveda yoga practices. I met Meetups founder, Scott Heiferman, several years ago at a “This Week in Startups TWIST #160”interview in New York City. He was impressive, but I had no idea what a global phenomenon his Company would create.

The Markets[1]

The news this week was in Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. Apple (AAPL: Nasdaq) announced it’s 7:1 stock split scheduled for June 6, leaving the stock trading around $82 per share. AAPL’s second quarter profit rose to $10.2b or $11.62 per share from $9.5b or $10.09 per share YOY. It’s all about the iPhone and content.

Facebook’s (FB: Nasdaq) first quarter profit tripled to $642m or $0.25 per share from $219m or $0.09 per share YOY. Those mobile ads are working.

Microsoft’s (MSFT: Nasdaq) earnings were down, due to a year-ago software upgrades boost. Sales to commercial customers rose 7 percent, while consumer revenue rose 12 percent. Better than I expected.


(3 IPO’s)

Click on the Company Name for the S-1 filing and the Company Symbol for the stock chart.


Lombard Medical (EVAR: Nasdaq), based out of Oxford, UK and Irvine, California (EVAR: Nasdaq) sold 5m shares at $11 per share, raising $55m at a valuation of $178m. The stock closed the week at $10 per share. Lombard Medical is yet another company addressing the stent market for aortic aneurisms, the 13th leading cause of death in the United States. The Company’s focus is for patients with “neck angulation greater than 60 degrees, which accounts for twenty percent of the patients.”[3]

Quotient (QTNT: BTT), based in the UK and Newtown, PA, sold 5m shares at $8 per share, raising $40m at a valuation of $115m. To the best of our determination, the stock has yet to trade. Quotient is “an established, commercial-stage diagnostics company committed to reducing healthcare costs and improving patient care through the development and commercialization of innovative tests for blood grouping and serological disease screening, commonly referred to as transfusion diagnostics.[4]


Viggle: (VGGL: Nasdaq) sold 4.4m shares at $8 per share, raising $35.2m at a valuation of $111m. The stock closed the week at $5.75 per share. Simply put, Viggle is a media consumption app, based out of New York City, of course:

Viggle is a mobile and web-based entertainment marketing platform that uses incentives to make content consumption and discovery more rewarding for media companies, brands and consumers. Viggle helps guide consumers towards various forms of media consumption with television enhancement, music discovery, entertainment content publishing and distributed viewing reminders. Viggle helps consumers decide what to watch and when, broadens the viewing experience with real time games and additional content, and rewards viewers for being loyal to their favorite shows throughout a season, allowing them to earn points. For brands, Viggle provides advertising clients with targeted interactive ads to amplify their TV messaging to verified audiences. For media companies, Viggle delivers promotional benefits by driving viewers to specific shows, engaging them in a richer content experience, and increasing awareness of promoted shows through web, mobile and social channels.[5]

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