Rearview Mirror Part II: M&A and Private Placements thru April 21, 2014

M&A and Private Placements

thru April 21, 2014

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Source:  DanDan TheArtMan
Source: DanDan TheArtMan

Yesterday was a glorious Spring day, and Boston was at its finest.  The Boston Marathon started and ended without a hitch.  There were so many runners and so many spectators that it was near to impossible to spot your favorite runner on the course.  The Boston Marathon has turned into a major charity event, and is expected to raise over $12m by 1395 runners for 30 institutions.  The causes include Dana Farber, Spaulding Rehab Hospital, the Alzheimers Foundation, and Children’s Hospital.  Which is a wonderful thing.

I’m sitting here in wonderment at the medical community.  I’ve had a partially torn MCL for two years.  On the first MRI, two years ago, the radiologist and physician completely missed it, as did the Brigham’s sports orthopedic surgeon I consulted for a second opinion.  This year, some top Boston orthopedic physicians nearly missed the fully torn MCL, but for the radiologist report.  Which makes me wonder how many medical conditions go undetected or misdiagnosed, with the symptoms present, but not acute?

Medical care may have come a long way, but it still has a long, long way to go.

Mergers & Acquisitions

[5 transactions]

Dropbox takes the prize with two transactions:  Loom and HackPad.  The cloud storage business is fiercely competitive and they are choosing to compete on features and function against some of the Big Boys.

Content Management

AMT-SYBEX, which provides mobile and smart data  management to utilities and transport sectors, is being acquired by Capita for 105m GBP.

Gnip, which provides realtime data as well as access to every publicly available Tweet, is being acquired by Twitter.

Photo management company, Loom, is being acquired by Dropbox.

HackPad, which are smart collaborative documents, is being acquired by Dropbox.


Springstone Financial, which provides financing options for consumers looking to finance private education and elective medical procedures, is being acquired by Lending Club for $140m.  Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lender with a rumored $3.8b potential IPO valuation.


Titan Aerospace, the drone company, is being acquired by Google.

Private Placements

[21 transactions]

This week, India took at the prize, with four transactions.  It seems that some smart entrepreneurs are taking a page out of the Samwer Brothers playbook in Germany, with copycat transactions (to those in the United States).


Financial services has been a consistent theme over the past few months, with products with AI features.


One Medical Group, a “membership”medical group in five major metropolitan areas, raised $40m.  The idea is to pay a low membership fee ($199 in Boston),online scheduling  of appointment, comprehensive primary care, with insurance accepted.

Content & Content Mangement

Citymapper Ltd, which helps you get around New York, London, Paris and Berlin with a variety of transport, raised a $10m Series A round.

SpringCM, a cloud document content management and workflow solutions service, raised $18m.


Betterment, which provides automated investing for your portfolio, raised a $32m Series C round.

LearnVest, which “pairs you with a Certified Financial Planner to help you make progress on your money,”raised a $28m Series D round.

Consumer United, which as an insurance aggregator, helps you save money on your home and auto insurance, raised $14m.

British-based The Currency Cloud, which has a payment engine for international payments, raised a $10m Series B round.


Act-On Software, an “easy-to-use marketing automation software”company, raised $42m.

AgilOne, with a mission to deliver predictive marketing to everyday marketers, raised a $25m Series C round.

Kinetic Social, which uses big data to make sense of the social landscape for marketers, raised an $18m Series B round.

Web Services

SilverRail Technologies, which simplifies the process of rail ticketing, raised a $40m Series C round.

Squarespace, the do-it-yourself website design company, raised a $40m Series B round.

Avvo, a legal advice portal, raised a $38m Series D round.

Paperless Post, which helps one design online and paper stationery, raised a $25m Series C round.


Seattle-based Julep, which has customers vote on beauty cosmetics products and designs, raised a $30m Series C round.

NatureBox, which will send you a monthly package of healthy snacks, raised an $18m Series B round.


Property portal, India Homes, raised $25m.

Yatra, which helps find cheap flights to India, raised $23m.

Au Financiers, a non-bank finance company in India, raised $21m., which is just introducing their service in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi, raised a $10m Series B round.  The Company is a taxi aggregator service.


Sidney, Australia-based Campaign Monitor, provides email marketing tools to companies, agencies and designers, raised $250m.


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