BlueLake Perspective: News & the Boston Marathon

BlueLake Perspective: News and Rambling Thoughts

BlueLake News

GBSBic Stevens has joined Bluelake, and will be working with BlueLake on his work that involves securities transactions. Bic is well known in The Hub, having been on both the buy and sell side and in operating company roles, the vast majority of which were in the Clean Energy sector. Bic is the founder and principal of Stevens Capital Advisors, his advisory firm, and is focused on advising, raising capital, and finding strategic partners for Clean Energy companies. Prior to forming Stevens Capital Advisors in 2009, Bic was Senior Vice President at Premium Power Corporation, a leading manufacturer of grid-scale flow batteries; a Managing Partner at Ardour Capital Investments, a research and investment banking firm focused exclusively on clean and renewable technologies; a Managing Director at Zero Stage Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm; the founder and CEO of Eastech, an early-stage venture capital firm; and a Vice President at Paine Webber, where he worked in its investment banking and venture capital operations.


Bic received a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, and a Master in Business Administration degree from the Harvard Business School. You can reach Bic at


Rambling Thoughts: Marathon Monday

RunBos3For those who are not runners, or not in New England, Monday is Patriot’s Day with the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. We take it so seriously, that any business that wants to stay open on Patriot’s Day must pay a fine to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

One of my reasons for attending Harvard Business School as opposed to Stanford’s Graduate School of Business was the opportunity to run Boston. I had qualified to run in “The”marathon [much as we call Harvard “The”business school], so it seemed intuitively obvious as to which school I should attend.  My total marathons completed is four-Boston and eleven-“Other.”

Having been in and out of Boston a few times this week, “The Hub” is humming like never before. You can feel the anticipation in the air.

Boston is a town with very few degrees of freedom, and I’m no exception to that rule. Everything is personal. A classmate’s daughter went to school with Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at Cambridge Ridge and Latin; another colleague lives on the Dorchester street of six year old Martin Richard’s family, and it’s a tight knit community. Finally, Ted Chen, who was co-president of the HBS Runners’Club with me, went through the chute just minutes before the blast. Admittedly, I was extremely anxious for his well-being as soon as news of the blast made its way up to New Hampshire. Goose bumps. Through Facebook, he was able to tell me he was OK.

Last Tuesday, I was in Boston on the one year anniversary of last year’s run, visiting Children’s Hospital regarding my own maladies. Several of the physicians and health workers were downtown on Boyleston participating in the ceremony. When I went to my local Sam’s Club, they were selling blue and yellow (errr…Gold), which are Boston Athletic Association colors, t-shirts imprinted with “BOS RUN.”How could I not buy one? And one for Bri, too.

So, I will be there, at mile 13 in Wellesley, with some colleagues and their families, and maybe venture down to mile 23-24 at Coolidge Corner, to cheer on this year’s runners.  Let us all say a prayer for the runners and the victims. Being very aware of the life-long impact of these types of injuries, how moving forward can be a courageous event each and every day.

Me and my running? Bill Meehan, the orthopedic physician at Children’s was able to add further color, and encouragement, to my knee’s outlook. My three year absence from running should end with May 1st’s surgery.  Then my personal comeback effort will commence.

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Margaret Johns is the Founder and Chairman of BlueLake Partners, a boutique M&A investment bank based in the Greater Boston Area.  Prior to founding BlueLake she was an employee founder and Managing Director at Needham & Company where she worked in Corporate Finance in New York City and headed up its Boston office.  She now lives in Londonderry, New Hampshire with her husband, 16 year old step-daughter and three pugs.  When she’s not working with clients, FINRA or writing blogs she competes on the Granite State Penguins Masters Swim Team, skis, rides her bike or is out walking her pugs.

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