BLPA Rearview Mirror: Private Placements for the Period Ending June 11th, 2014

BLPA’s Rearview Mirror:

Private Placements for the Period Ending June 11th, 2014

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The graduates with Dr. Stephanie Borns-Weil
The graduates with Dr. Stephanie Borns-Weil

Another day, another dollar: My pugs finally graduated from Tuft University’s veterinary behavior school: they stopped their internecine warfare and declared a truce. Dr. Dodman, the world’s leading dog behaviorist, located at Tufts Veterinary School, designated Max to be Alpha, Pierre to be Beta. and prescribed a weighty dose of Prozac to mollify some of Pierre’s aggressive tendencies. The pugs’ behavior was noted on a chart daily, and submitted to Dr. Steph [Borns-Weil]. Five months later, with enough Prozac and behavior modification, victory was declared. And then there was peace. For which I am exceedingly grateful.

Private Placements[1]

(40 Deals)

Retail (3 deals – $99)

SAVO, an online retailer focused on office seating [yes, chairs] company, raised a $35m round.

On-line art auction marketplace, Invaluable raised a $34m Series D round.


Stitch Fix, an online women’s personal styling service that sends clothing and accessories to your door, raised a $30m Series C round.

Software Tools (9 deals – $903m)

Elasticsearch, an open source search and analytics engine, raised a $760m Series C round.

Plex Systems, a worldwideERP systems with a “Manufacturing Cloud”[sic], raised $50m. T. Rowe Price was the lead investor.

File transfer tool, Zapya, raised a $20m Series B round.

Egenera raised a $16m round.

Egenera’s automation and management solutions enable enterprise IT organizations and service providers to quickly create scalable, secure and highly reliable private, public and cloud services.[2]

Gild, a social professional recruiting tool, raised $14m.

XebiaLabs, the leading automation software for DevOps and Continuous Delivery, raised $12m

aCommerce, an enterprise supply chain management company, raised an $11m Series A round.

Mesophere, an environment and simulation framework for team based AI research, raised a $10m Series A round. The goal is to build a “Google-like scale.”

Aryaka Networks, which helps resolve web application acceleration and network performance issues faced by distributed enterprises, raised a $10m Series D round.

Service/App (3 deals – $1.36b)

Uber, the app-based online taxi service, raised a $1.2b Series D round.

Houzz, “the new way to design your home,”raised a $150m Series D round.

On-demand dry cleaning and laundry service Washio raised a $10.5m Series A round. “We believe clean clothiers should never be more than two taps away.”says the Company.

Marketing/Media/Analytics (7 deals – $149m)

Yext, which lets marketers manage their local content, listings, store pages, social pages, campaigns and more, raised a $50m Series F round.

Visier, a workforce analytics and planning company, raised a $26m Series C round.

RichRelevance, the leader in “omnichannel”personalization in ad targeting, raised $20m.

Yieldbot raised an $18m Series B round. The company claims to have “a real-time flow of consumer intent.”

Digital marketing platform, Offerpop raised a $15m Series C round.

Exabean, a big data security analytics company, raised a $10m Series A round.

Big data startup, Concurrent Inc. raised a $10m Series B round.

Security (2 deals – $85m)

Okta, a leader in enterprise identity access and management raised a $75m Series E round.

Cybersecurity startup, Fortscale, raised $10m.

Platform(2 deals – $206m)

Kobalt Music Group, Offers global creative and administrative services to writers, publishers and other publishing rights holders, and a royalty collection[3], raised $140m.

HR-management platform, Zenefits, raised a $66m Series B round.

Financial (3 deals – $55m)

TransferWise, a worldwide money transfer company that claims to do it for less, raised a $25m Series B round.

Bitfury, which produces products that facilitate Bitcoin and the Bitcoin network and its infrastructure, raised $20m.

Global micro-insurance specialist, MicroEnsure, raised $10m.

Gaming (1 deal – $15m)

Games developer, Octro, raised a $15m Series A round.

Medical-oriented (3 deals – $40m)

Senseonics, which is developing “transformative”glucose monitoring products, raised a $20m round.

TrialScope raised $10m. TrialScope enables clinical trial sponsors to comply with legislation and internal policy and to register clinical trials and disclose results across the globe.[4]

Seres Health, a therapeutics company focused on discovering and developing drugs to treat diseases of the micro biome (driven by ecologies), raised a $10m Series B round.

China (5 deals – $365m)

Chinese Pinterest clone, Mogujie, raised a $200m Series D round.

Chinese personalized news service, TouTiao raised a $100m Series C round.

Dayima, a China-based menstrual tracking app, raised a $30m Series C round.

China based Dew Mobile, a network-free close-range file sharing app for mobile devices, raised a $20m Series B round.

Chinese voice call application, Inbilin, raised a $15m Series A round.

Germany (1 deal – $12m)

Germany-based game developer, flaregames, raised a $12m Series A round.

India (1 deal – $10m), an online shopping site in India, raised a $10m Series D round.


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