Update: LNKD doubles on IPO Debut

LinkedIn IPO doubles on debut.  We knew it would be hot, but double?!  Kudos to those who worked so long and hard in the company.  To you, take a five minute breather, and then get back to work.  As my colleagues constantly remind me, what matters is tomorrow's performance, not yesterday's.  This is an IPO, not Sale of Company.

On today's WSJ news morning news, the analyst called LinkedIn.com the most expensive stock in the market at $8.1 billion, at this moment in time.  If one annualized LNKD's first quarter's revenue and net income, they will have $400 million in revenues in 2012, and $8 million in net income.  That's a PSR (Price to Sales Ratio) of 20x and a P/E of 1,000x.  LNKD will probably do better than that in 2012, but you get my point.  

Ah, to have been an angel investor . . . .