Market Movement by Headline

In the past week, the market has moved not on fundamentals of the companies' stocks that are listed, but rather by the liquidity of various European Union countries, Greece in particular.  And in the U.S., the stalemate in the government between the President, the Senate and the House of Representatives cpmtomies.  While, I've been hearing about the debt issue since I was a young girl, and that was very long ago, it has rolled on.  And  now we're supposed to pay the piper?

Time will tell, but it appears we are entering a new age where when we look to invest, we much consider the fundamentals and outlook of our country, the United States, as being just as important an investment parameter as a company's fundamentals.  The overall economy has always been part of the equation, and a company's ability to prosper or suffer with it.  Now, it's the ability of a company to weather the government's many vicissitudes.  By the way the Republicans, Democrats, President, and Tea Party members are conducting themselves, one would think we were in the last quarter of the nineteenth century in Kentucky and West Virginia in the midst of a full blown shoot-out between the Hatfield's and McCoy's.

Meanwhile, Groupon lumbers on, claiming that "yes, for sure, we will have an IPO."  And Facebook is saying, "No sirree, we're not pursuing an IPO." and the Far East is suffering a hangover from their bubble of IPO's where the shares are printed pieces of paper, and no more, with no underlying value in a company.

Right now, I'd pay someone to read a crystal ball to tell me how all of this will evolve.  Take heart in the fact that we will find a road out, we just don't know the path, how many double-backs we will be taking, and the timing.