Strong Activity and Hefty valuations?

In the various podcasts I listen to, I am hearing about the sky high deal pricing.  Is it only on the West Coast, and is it only internet-url related?  As in Facebook-like prominent companies?

When I hear about sky high valuations, the murmur comes from the Left Coast.  It seems that while companies may be started on the East Coast–such as Facebook and more recently Groundcrew, Disqus and–they’re migrating to the West Coast for funding and the Silicon Valley ecosys,

Currently there appears to be significant IPO activity in India and China.  And there are even some US filings–Pandora, Freescale, Skull Candy and LinkedIn.  Which, if successful, will beget many more offerings.

For an encouraging take, view Keating Capital’s blog, as in “The Time is Wrong Enough” as well as Bill Gurley’s Silicon Valley’s IPO Anxiety.