BLPA’s Review Mirror: Recent Private Placements–Anki Drive and More

October 6, 2014

BLPA’s Rearview Mirror

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Anki Drive
Anki Drive

This BLPA Rearview Mirror is our final catch-up issue, and is focused on Private placements.  Lots of software, Apps, BigData, and Medical with a fair share of international companies.

Our favorites are Anki Drive, a car racing game complete with race cars, and an app to use your smartphone as a controller, and FiveStars Loyalty, which is an OEM loyalty program for independent retailers/restaurants.

Private Placements

[53 transactions]

Information sourced from TechCrunch, company websites and the press.  Please click on the company name for additional source information.


BetterWorks, a team collaboration and project management solution, raised a $16m Series A round.

HoneyBook Inc., for event professionals, raised a $10m Series A round.


Taulia, which provides cloud-based invoice, payment and dynamic discounting management solutions,raised a $13m Series D round.

Qualtrics, the industry-leading provider of Online Survey Software, raised a $150m Series B round.

Zafin, a pioneer in product and pricing lifecycle management, raised $15m.

ScribbleLive, an end-to-end content management platform, raised a $12m Series C round.

Kinvey, the mobile backend as a service which connects your apps to any data source, raised an $11m Series B round.

Big Data

Qubit, with a product that improves conversion rates by consolidating visitor analytics, A/B testing, personalization and tag management within a single integrated platform, raised a $26m Series B round.

Numerify, with cloud-based business analysis tools, raised a $15m Series B round.

Context Relevant, which provides predictive analytics to marketers, raised a $14m Series B round.


Radius, a marketing intelligence platform, raised a $55m Series C round.

AppNexus, with innovative trading solutions and marketplaces for internet advertising, raised a $25m Series E round.

Datorama, a global marketing intelligence  company, raised a $15m Series B round.

Sharethrough, which powers the world’s largest in-feed advertising exchange providing monetization software for modern publishers, raised a $10m Series D round.

Performance Horizon Group (“PHG”),which allows global brands, agencies and publishers to take control of their performance marketing campaigns on a global basis, raised a $10m Series B round.


Good Technology, which makes mobility device security solutions, raised $80m.

Michigan-based DuoSecurity, with two-factor authentication, raised a $12m Series B round.


Invoice2go, the easiest way to create invoices, raised a $35m Series A round.

Netpulse, which provides an OEM app to independent gyms and workout clubs that tracks activities and fitness, raised $19m.

Appboy, which provides marketing automation for apps, raised a $15m Series B round.

Silvercar, an app-based premium car rental service, raised a $14m Series B round.

Lever, the San Francisco-based talent and hiring management platform, raised a $10m Series A round.


Hootsuite, the social media management app, raised a $60m Series D round.

reddit, that sometimes controversial “the front page of the internet,” raised a $50m Series B round.


Anki, a race car game which uses your smart phone as the controller, raised a $55m Series C round. 

Put this game on your Christmas list for your kids.


Houzz, a home design firm which connect owners with architects, goods and services, raised a $165m Series D round.

FiveStars Loyalty, which is a loyalty program for SMBs, raised a $26m Series B round. 

Our local BBQ, KC’s Ribshack uses FiveStars.  We love those earned $12 gift coupons.

E la Carte, which provides electronic menus to restaurants, including Applebees and Presto, raised a $35m Series C round.

The infamous Dollar Shave Club (“DSC”) raised a $50m Series C round. 

It may be a secret, but you can get DSC razors at Dorco, much cheaper . . .

Inspirato, a luxury destination club, raised $20m., which helps you find a professional to do home related chores, raised a $14m Series A round.


Remind, a safe free way for teachers to text message students and keep in touch with parents, raised a $40m Series C round.

Udacity, on of the major MOOC’s, raised a $35m Series C round.

MasteryConnect, an education site for teaches to assess core standards and track student performance, raised a $15m Series B round.

Finance Related

CreditKarma, which provides you your credit score for free, raised a $75m Series D round.

Robinhood, a zero commission stock brokerage, raised a $13m Series A round.


NextSteppe, which is dedicated to pioneering the next generation of feedstock solutions for the biofuels, bio-power and bio-based products industries, raised a $22m Series C round.


Aptimmune Biologics which specializes in the development and application of prophylactic measures against viral diseases of swine, raised a $104m Series A round.

Teladoc, which is a service that allows you to talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere, raised $50m.

Ivantis, which is dedicated to new and innovative solutions for glaucoma, raised a $25m Series B round.

iHealth Labs, which is one of the pioneers in app-based health management with blood pressure, glucose, and activity monitors, raised a $25m Series A round. 

I traded my iHealth blood pressure monitor in for a Withings, but haven’t kept up with their latest product improvements/introductions.

Jiff , which has developed an employee wellness curation platform, raised a $18m Series B round, which was led by Venrock.

Glow, a fertility app, raised a $17m Series B round.

Acton, Massachusetts-based Cognoptix, Inc. which is focused on the early detection of Alzheimers,. raised a $15m Series D round.


Bionym, with their biometric-based security based device, raised a $14m Series A round. “Bionym’s Nymi uses your unique cardiac rhythm to authenticate your identity allowing you to wirelessly take control of your computer, smartphone, car and more.” (from company website)


BrandMaker, with marketing software and marketing resource management systems, raised $30m.

Traxpay, which provides “Dynamic payments” for B2B commerce, raised a $15m Series B round.


Nubank, a finance and banking app, a  raised a $14m Series A round.


NewsHunt, an online live news aggregator, raised a $16m Series B round.

CommonFloor, a platform to buy, sell or rent properties, raised a $30m Series E round. from Tiger Global Management.


Miaopai, the Chinese version of Vine, raised a $50m Series C round led by KPCB-China.

uuzuche, a private car sharing platform, raised a $10m Series A round.


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