BLPA’s Rearview Mirror Hits the Pause Button

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Korg electribe play/pause. Creative Commons. Flickr

I will confess to be taken over by life’s events. All good, but a lot. Hence, BLPA’s blog will be taking a hiatus. During that period, we will publish sporadically, at best.

We can’t tell you when publication will resume on a regular basis, but it will resume. This blog is fun to write, and keeps me informed and helps me formulate a perspective on the current state of financial markets, IPO’s, M&A and private placements.

Believe me, it’s killing me not to write about the Billion Dollar Private Company Valuation Club, and how the dearth of IPO’s has led to a lack of discipline in valuing these companies. Private companies need the foil of the public markets.

Happy Holidays, and keep praying for that Santa Claus rally.

Margaret Johns

Founder, BlueLake Partners, LLC