BLPA Rearview Mirror: Private Placements Ending May 19, 2014

BLPA’s Rearview Mirror:

Private Placements Ending May 20th, 2014


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popoverThe Wall Street Journal says that with the FCC’s new NON-Net Neutrality playbook, your and my internet will inevitably be slower. Yes, Virginia, speed in data pipes is indeed a Zero Sum Game.

This morning, in a bow to nostalgia and my English/Canadian heritage, I made popovers. My mother is the only person I have ever known to make popovers, and most people don’t know what that luscious, airy morning treat is. This time, we experimented with making giant popovers, just like those at the local Portsmouth, NH bakery, so-named. The result is here for you to view.


Private Placements

[43 transactions]

Tools (9 deals $160m)

Instant Logic, which provides end-to-end acceleration for dynamic, powerful, cloud-based applications, raised a $26m Series C round.

Wochit, a video creation platform, raised an $11m Series B round.

Layer, which helps you build messaging, voice and video into your app in minutes, raised a $14m Series A round.

Maxta, which creates a software designed storage platform, raised a $25m Series B round.

Perfecto Mobile, a secure mobile app testing platform, raised a $20m Series D round.

Metacloud, which delivers the simplicity and convenience of the public cloud with the performance, security and economic advantages of private clouds, raised a $15m Series B round.

Visual Supply Co (VSCO), which creates digital tools for the modern creative, raised $40m.

Odoo, formerly OpenERP, which provides apps to build stunning websites, raised a $10m Series B round.

Cyber Security (4 deals $110m)

OpenDNS, which provides cloud delivered security enforcement and claims to be the world’s largest internet security network, raised a $35m Series C round.

Netskope, a cloud security services and solutions provider, raised a $35m Series C round.

BlackRidge Technology, which proactively authenticates and authorizes all network connections before they are established, stopping malicious attacks, raised $22m.

Sift Science, an on-line fraud detection platform for retailers, raised $18m Series B.

Software (6 deals $275m)

Automattic, the developer of WordPress, raised a $160m Series C round.

Life360, a family locator, messaging tool and communication app in one, raised a $50m Series C round.

Pantheon, a professional website platform for Drupal, raised a $22m Series B round.

PeopleDoc, an HR document platform, raised an $18m Series C round.

OpenGov, which is used by governments in 18 states to access, analyze and share financial data, raised a $15m Series B round.

Top Hat, provider of an innovative teaching platform which transforms students’mobile devices into learning tools, raised a $10m Series B round.

Financial (4 deals $211m)

Anaplan, which provides businesses planning and execution tools for sales, operations and finance, raised a $100m Series D round.

Addepar, a wealth management platform that provides investment professionals with the tools to manage complex global portfolios, raised a $50m Series B round.

Motif Investing, an online broker offering innovative (?) online investing and stock trading services, raised a $35m Series D round.

Avalara, a sales tax calculation, end-to-end compliance solution, raised $26m.

Retailing-Related (4 deals $281m)

Pinterest raised a $200m Series F round.

Swagbucks, where one earns rewards and “free stuff”[sic] by searching and shopping online, raised $60m.

SpoonRocket, which delivers healthy meals in minutes, raised an $11m Series A round.

Talenthouse, a global creative community where artists can earn money and recognition for their work, raised $10m.

Green (3 deals $203m)

Sunrun, a residential solar energy retailer and installer, raised $150m.

Pinnacle Engines, which has designed an engine that provides a 30 to 50 percent improvement in fuel economy, raised a $30m Series C round.

ChargePoint, Inc, the world’s largest network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations raised $23m.

Medical-Related (5 deals $193m)

Oscar, a “new”type of health insurance service in New York City, raised an $80m Series A Round.

Inspire Medical Systems, which treats obstructive sleep apnea, raised a $40m Series E round

Health screening company, Counsyl, raised a $28m Series D round. Among other things, the company can screen for the presence of inherited cancer genes.

Loxo Oncology, which is developing oncological drugs for well-defined patient gropus whose cancers share common genetic drivers, raised a $24m Series B round.

ImaginAb, which is developing imaging agents to deliver fundamentally new clinical insights into diseases such as prostate cancer and Crohn’s disease, raised a $21m Series B round.

Education (1 deal $32m)

Udemy, the world’s largest destination for online courses, raised a $32m Series C round.

Germany (1 deal $16m)

German P2P lending startup, Auxmoney, raised $16m.

Sweden (2 deals $67m)

Swedish-based iZettle, an app which allows you to use a smartphone or tablet to accept payments, raised a 40m EUR Series C round.


Sinch, which is being spun out of Rebtel, makes social communications tools available to app developers, raised a $12m Series A round.

Russia (1 deal $50m)

Sotmarket, a Russian online retailer, raised $50m.

India (2 deals $29m)

LimeRoad, India’s lifestyle platform for women’s online shopping, raised a $15m Series B round.

Grameen Financial Services, which provides credit to India’s poor and low-income households, raised $14m.

Japan (1 deal $10m)

Japan-based, Terra Motors, which makes eScotters, and eTricycles, raised $10m.

China (1 deal $30m)

Adsame, China’s leading intelligent digital marketing engine, raised a $30m Series C round.


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